Handling Static In Your Carpet

Soil, liquids, stains, dirt, allergens – there are already so many things we work hard to try to keep away from our carpets. Unfortunately, there’s another one that can’t be easily removed by washing and vacuuming – static.


That shocking electric jolt you feel when you walk on your carpet especially during cold, dry months is called carpet static. Aside from being annoying, carpet static also invites more dirt into your carpet. In some cases, carpet static can actually cause damage to your carpet fibers. In severe cases – they can cause electronics to explode. Extreme static charge in carpets sometimes lead to fires, too, and, in rare occasions, death from electric shock.

There is no way to totally remove static charge from carpets, but, there are lots of ways you can make adjustments and deal with it.

One of the easiest ways you can minimize the static from your carpet is by spraying it with commercial carpet anti-static sprays. Usually, these can be purchased at any local convenience store.

If you’re an avid fan of do-it-yourself products, you can make your very own anti-static spray at home. Simply mix water with fabric softener and spray it on the carpet surface and leave it to dry.

Since low humidity is one of the main causes of static, it’s only logical to put humidifiers in your carpeted rooms to lower the static on your carpet.

Friction, or rubbing of two materials together, can trigger the static shock. Wool is one of the materials that can easily get positively charged when rubbed with synthetic carpets. Therefore, avoid wearing clothing made from wool to prevent being shocked.

Static usually happens when it is dry. So, moisturizing your skin will also decrease your chances of being affected by static charge.

Choose your footwear wisely. There are certain kinds of footwear that will increase the possibility of getting shocked. Shoes with rubber soles, for instance, when rubbed on carpeted floors, will easily result in static. Settle for other shoe types such as leather-soled shoes or wear cotton socks instead.

Metal objects can diffuse electric buildup. If you can carry anything metal with you, it will help in ensuring that you won’t get shocked. You can always check with your local carpet cleaner to see if they have a solution for you as well.