How to remove different types of carpet stains

It’s not possible to avoid spills and drops in some situations. In such situations, the important thing is to deal with the stains as soon as possible. if immediate action is not taken, know that the stain may get into the carpet thus making it harder for you to remove it. Given below are a few tips that can help you remove different types of carpet stains.


Use a spoon to scrape off the stain. After this step, you may still find some of the stains on the carpet. Your next move is to dip a cotton rag in a mild solvent and then dab the area with it. You should repeat the procedure until the stain disappears. Lastly, you should wipe the area with a clean, dry piece of clothing.


Use a kitchen paper or cotton cloth to absorb the stain. Next, add a bit of detergent and then dab the area softly. Use another piece of cloth to dab the area dry.


Use a color-less kitchen paper or cotton cloth to absorb most of the stain. The remaining stain can be diluted with tepid water.

Burn mark

First off, you should examine the burn area. You can then use nail scissors to trim away the burnt part of the upholstery or carpet.

Candle wax

What you need to do is put some ice cubes in the target area to make it harder. Next, you can use a good stain remover for removing the rest of the wax.

Chewing gum

To remove chewing gum from your carpet, you should put some ice cubs in the area to make the chewing gum harder so you can break it. Next, you should try a stain remover to remove the rest of the gum.

Hopefully, these methods will help you deal with different types of carpet stains with ease.