Corporate Gifts

Large corporate houses provide special presents to their valued clients during the holiday season. If you too are the owner of such a company, you should present your valued clients with something that will remind them about your company each time they look at it. Gold is so costly that it is difficult to think about presenting gifts made from this precious yellow metal. However, you can provide promotional pens to your prestigious clients. The thought of cheap promotional pen conjures up low quality plastic or metal pens in our mind. Therefore, giving such pens to your valued clients, especially if they provide you with lots of work is sheer injustice. While there are many promotional items available both on physical and online stores, nothing can beat a silver coated pen, engraved with the name and logo of your company.

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Always purchase from reputable jewellery shops

To make sure that you get genuine material, you should always purchase such pens from reputable silver jewellery shops. Generally, these stores manufacture pens from pure silver. However, if you do not want to spend too much, and yet provide your clients with an appealing pen, opt for those made of stainless steel with a layer of silver on it. The appearance of the finished product is just like that of silver pens. Once you place the order, the manufacturer requests you to supply an image of the logo of your company. If you so want, you can include the name of your company. Purchasing from online stores provides you with the option to select from a massive range of such pens, available in different price ranges. Once you have selected a particular pen, choose how many pens you want. The website will display the cost, inclusive of insured shipping. The website will prompt you to upload the logo of your company and its name to their online server. If you so want, you can view an online image of the final product.

Chances of winning a raffle

Now the website will redirect your browser to a secure payment gateway where you will have to enter your credit card details. In a process that takes a few seconds, the online shop connects with your credit card issuer, verifies the details punched in by you, and deducts the amount. You will receive the promotional pens via courier in a few days. No doubt, these pens are more expensive than the normal cheap promotional pens, but they will leave an everlasting impression in the mind of your client. They will remember you and your company, each time they use these pens. You should also spare some time to browse different jewellery products available on those stores. You can expect bargain prices, especially during the Christmas season. This is perhaps the best occasion to purchase something special for the special person in your life. Certain silver jewellery shops conduct a raffle during Christmas. Do not throw away the voucher. If you are lucky enough, you might win something extraordinary that will more than compensate the cost you paid for purchasing cheap promotional pens.